Luc Moens from Belgium, owner in Q Spa Resort (Translated from Dutch)

Today, we my wife and I are the proud owners of an apartment in a beautiful complex on the Turkish Riviera near Side. Two years ago there was not one hair on my head thinking of a second property, let alone in Turkey. What initially attracted our attention was a large poster with the image of Q Spa Resort. A complex that had yet to be built, but with its modern, attractive style and lovely outdoor caught the imagination. A picture of class.

To see the commercial that attracted us won us already half over. And after we had explored the area and had personally met with the architect and construction team Botam Qualitas, we were sold. We wanted to be part of this picture.

Botam Qualitas has fulfilled his promise. The agreements were respected, the apartments have been finished with attention to detail, and communication went smoothly and correctly. And reality equals the picture … Meanwhile the complex is in use and get lots of comments of praise. Glad we then have put the initial step that led to the purchase.

Dominique from Belgium, owner in Q Spa Resort

“After multiple holidays to Turkey we were introduced to Side 5 years ago. Looking back it was a holiday with a lot of extreme consequences. Side appeared to have so much more than our previous holidays. The archaeological excavations, the ruins, the antique city with his characteristic streets and harbour had made a permanent impression on us. Besides that, there’s also the wide sandy beaches instead of the annoying rocks, the Sorgun Forest, the view on the Taurus mountains and the Nature Park with the Green Canyon in the immediate environment that made the package complete to us. To make a long story short, Side more than lives up to its’ nickname as ‘the pearl of the Turkish coast’.

We soon became regular visitors of Side and the feeling of ‘coming home’ developed even further. We soon longed for a place of our own in this beautiful environment. With a lot of enthusiasm we started our search on the internet. There were a lot of negative reports in the newspapers about unfortunate people losing their money through foreign investments. On top of that we received tons of negative reactions to our plans (credibility, quality, safety …)

Despite all the prejudices we paid a visit to a Second Home exposition. There we came into contact with a Belgium real estate agency. We got all the correct and honest information from her about Turkish Real Estate. She showed us the way to trustworthy project managers and that’s how we ended up with Botam Qualitas. One visit to their, at that moment recently finished project, Q Garden convinced us about the quality and the high level of the building.

Not much later we decided to buy an apartment from their new project, the Q Spa Resort. Step by step, from dreams to reality. In June 2012, the adventure started with my signature on the contract. The building phase could be followed through their website or was sent through by pictures. But also visits to the construction site were part of the entire journey. The level of finishing off, the decoration and the entire interior was offered by practical packages. 17 months later the apartment was delivered and a day later we walked out of the Tapu office with our Tapu.

Q Spa Resort is to us, our own place of Turkish Happiness featuring hotel facilities and services. And all of this is within walking distance of the beach. The scale model and brochure were very promising … the delivered product, if possible, even better. To realize this dream with Botam Qualitas was a pleasant experience to us. Every contact was very correct, efficient and always with a certain personal touch. They always gave us the feeling that every tenant mattered. For that we’d like to thank the entire team.

Also a big thank you to our real estate agent, she is the one who recommended this exquisite project to me a d she, with all her knowledge, guided me throughout the entire journey To all who doubted that this story would end well and to all the potential future owners I’d like to say … a foreign real estate investment with a happy ending, is possible.”