Bader Al Abbasi from Bahrain, owner in Q Spa Resort

My name is Bader and I am the owner of apartment A34 at QSpa Resort by Botam Qualitas. I would like to express my gratitude to Botam for delivering such a beautiful project with great five star hotel services. I have purchased my apartment during the off-plan stage and the project was delivered on time with great professionalism. The whole Botam team including the Q Spa Resort management are very nice and make you feel at home

I am very satisfied with my investment in addition for it being the perfect family summer retreat along the famous sandy beaches of Side.

I would highly recommend Botam if you are looking for quality projects with high standard services.?

Bazar from Kazakhstan, owner in Q Spa Resort

I always wanted a second home somewhere in Antalya where I could spend my holiday when I wanted, also I wished I could rent it when not used. I wanted something close to a sandy beach and beautiful nature, far from the noise and pollution of a big city but also close enough so that I can easily go when I wanted. All these combination of wishes looked impossible, and on top of that one of my biggest concerns was to find people to whom I could trust. Once I was talking to one of my friends and he told me about the Q-SPA project where he was going to buy an apartment and he advised that these people could be trusted. When I looked at the design I was very impressed. Me and my wife decided to have a holiday in Side and meanwhile wanted to meet with Botam and the Q-SPA project. They were so hospitable people, took me and my wife to sightseeing and showed beautiful Old City in Side. We were fascinated by the beauty of nature nearby the grandeur dam called ?Oymapinar Baraji?. First time in Antalya we felt like home. Q-SPA not only meets my goals but provides these options with the luxury of a hotel with all the services which could be very difficult to deal with if it was a normal apartment. We said ?yess, we found our second home?. This is one of the wisest investments I have ever done in my life and I look forward to expand my investments with Botam in the future.

Family Bytebier from Belgium, owners in Q Spa Resort (Translated from Dutch)

More and more it becomes less interesting to invest through a financial institution. For our savings the yield offered was so low that we were looking for an investment with a higher return. From experiences acquaintances shared with us, it became clear to us that real estate in Turkey could be a good investment.

Besides the fact that real estate is still affordable, have more value for your money while you’re at any level need to pay. On the contrary, the finish and materials used are in Botam Qualitas of high quality. Given the popularity of the country as a travel destination you also get great warranties with respect to the rental of the second stay. Besides the fact that you invest money, you also have the advantage so that you can enjoy a nice vacation in Turkey. The choice can make yourself: full or partial lease of your second home.

One of the obstacles was undoubtedly the fact that we had no knowledge about the procedures and obligations that exist when buying a second home in Turkey. However Botam Qualitas gave us a clear overview of the regulations in Turkey. At the time of arranging the title deed, we were also guided well so everything was arranged quickly and efficiently with the assistance of an interpreter.

The concept of Q Spa Resort offers great advantages compared to a mere apartment complex with swimming pool. Q Spa doted on all kinds of hotel facilities so you can enjoy the freedom of your own, private apartment and the other still can rely on the hotel facilities (restaurant, spa, several pools, shuttle service, ..).