from Belgium, owners in Q Garden

(Translated from Dutch)

- The reason for us to buy a second home was because Side is beautiful, you have so many different landscapes, Roman remains such as Apollo temple and amphitheater, the sea peninsula, forests.


- However, we must say that we had previously had a scare through the many rumors of people and how is going to change in Turkey, politically then.

- This was actually the biggest obstacle for us to the purchase.

- In Belgium, many people have been sold bad quality property or worse in Turkey, but if you have a good local real estate expert in Belgium, as we did, that's no problem.

- The Best of Q Garden for us is that there is privacy and it is very well located, construction is sleek and modern, SUPER NICE.

- We just became owners, but our experience with Botam Qualitas is very good, Israfil we have already met and was super friendly and helped us with setting up our tv connection with Belgium channels

- We'd recommend Botam because the materials are good and the architecture is beautiful and the maintenance price remains the same

- The materials are good and the pictures on the Internet are the same as in reality.