Altınova, where Q Ege is located, offers you the longest and unspoiled fine sand beach of Ayvalık right at your doorstep. The beach is wide, low-sloped, consist of fine sand and the water is clear with on top of that a beautiful view of the Island Lesbos just 18 km away.

Extraordinary dining
When in Ayvalık, do as the Ayvalıkians do….
An absolute experience is the food, the expression Rakı-Balık comes from Ayvalık.
People drive hundreds of km to visit Cunda Island to indulge in a one of a kind dining experience… rakı-balık.
Choose your appetizers from a range of 40 different cold starter’s and order your own bottle of rakı which comes with a side of ice and water.
After that you move to the warm starters, then when you sit long enough and are hungry again, the main course.
Relax, talk, eat, enjoy the view and the soak in the ambiance…. for hours.
Rakı-balık is about sharing, exploring your taste pallet and enjoying each other’s company.

Antique Sites
Pergamon: Visit one of the seven churches of Asia as cited in the Book of Revelations.
Only a 45 minutes’ drive from Altınova.

Want to have a change of scenery/food/customs? Greece is only 35 minutes away from Ayvalık harbour by ferry.
Lesbos is the third biggest Greek island. See the amazing Petrified Forest, enjoy the Greek kitchen or lounge at one of many harbours and unspoiled beaches.

Mount Ida: Visit the famous Mount Ida and experience nature, history and mythology like never before.
Devils Table: Enjoy the most spectacular 360 degrees view, or the best sunset you have ever seen, of the archipelago of Ayvalık’s islands from “the devils table”. It is on the top of an old lava pond, a round table, which looks like a table of devils.

Ayvalık and its islands are a hot spot for divers due to its clear water and one of a kind red corral. Be sure to do this since people come from all over Turkey to give this a try.